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Broggini Consulting Services advises companies and funds in reducing risks and improving the value of their projects and investments
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Today more than ever market intelligence is a key element in order to take the right business decisions. When it comes to assessing an investment, planning a market entry, growing into new segments, expanding geographically or simply repositioning the product offering, the ability to clearly detect market trends and risks and relate them to its own project represents a critical competitive advantage for companies and investors.

Since its inception Broggini Consulting Services (BCS) has supported companies and investors to improve the value of their investments, assessing threats and opportunities behind rapidly changing business scenarios. Our flexible and “hands-on” approach, together with our extended international experience, guarantees results that regularly exceed clients’ expectations.


C/ Ramírez de Arellano 17 – Bajo
28043 Madrid-Spain
T. +34 660 720 081
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Largo Settimio Severo 3
20144 Milan-Italy
T. +39 342 656 1603
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Rua Pedroso Alvarenga 691
04531-011 Sao Paulo-Brazil
T. +55 11 3845 4501
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